You will need
  • -high school diploma;
  • -4 photos size 3*4;
  • -statement to the head of the theatre school;
  • -certificate of health condition;
  • -reference from the last place of study.
First find out in what cities of Russia have theatre school, and in what quantity. Apply at once to all the schools. As the flow is held in three rounds, you will have more chances to become a student.
Find out in advance when the school held the open day. Talk with students and teachers. Find out approximately what you can expect during the exams, the approximate list of questions and procedure of admission. Be sure to bring a pen and Notepad, write down which documents you need and what you need to take during the passage of the first round.
Try to prepare the papers and photographs for admission in advance. Some schools are asked to provide only originals or copies certified by a notary. To apply to multiple schools at the same time, it is better to think about it beforehand.
Think about what you can do at the moment, will you be able to showcase their talents on stage, whether the art of oratory? Just replying in the affirmative to these questions, you will be able confidently to apply to theatre school.
In all educational institutions, before you apply for admission you must pass special stage – listening. Creative competition takes place over several days and involves performing certain tasks. First you have to read a fable, a poem, a poem or announce the play before the teaching staff of the school. The second round typically includes vocal lessons, or demonstrations in the field of Amateur.
Typically, the first step you need to book in advance. Calls to the audience one of the students on the list. At the same time visit several people, sit on a chair and the master course proposes to answer several questions about what your name is, where I studied, how old are you and what are you going to read?
Decide in advance with roles, in the role of someone you see yourself, and what works will do. It is better to choose a few options, since teachers can at any time be asked to sing something alternative. You need to choose a short passage of text, since the clock no you will not listen.
Choose a business style clothing. Girls should wear a skirt to the knee, and young people – jeans, pant suits and shirt. Tie encouraged, but not required.
Only the results of the listening you will admit to entrance examinations. Usually before this stage comes, one third of the students, the rest are eliminated by the admission Commission at the stage of listening.
The results of admission you will learn from the lists that are posted on stands in the lobby or on the doors of the theatre school.