The advantages of secondary technical education

Before each graduate school once the question arises, what profession to choose and where to study. To higher education may each graduate of the primary school, have graduated from 9th grade and successfully passed the final certification. Higher education received at the College. College from school is different in that the latter involves secondary special education. Diploma of secondary technical education will give you the opportunity to even become a middle Manager.

Choosing their future profession and educational institution, please note which items provided the curriculum, what teaching staff and a document of completion you will receive. After graduating from College, you will be able to work as a cook, fitter, train driver, programmer and so on. It is a decent and well-paid profession.

Training in College can be played either in full-time and part-time and part-time (evening division). Part-time and evening form of training possible for those who will enter College after the 11th grade. Generally obtaining the technical secondary education after grade 11 will take much less time than after 9. For admission to the College, you will need the results of the exam.

Where to go

Please refer to the document "Procedure for admission to the Colleges of the Russian Federation". It will help you to define the parameters for admission, which may be several. For example, the budget or fee basis you are going to study, what are the entrance tests what specialties there are in a particular College, etc.

However, you should know that each College sets its own admission rules, which also need to be familiar. Begin to prepare in advance all necessary application documents, as this is a long process.

If we talk about the technical schools of Moscow and St. Petersburg, they prepare highly qualified specialists in demand in the workplace. Graduates of technical schools is still not very much compared to graduates from universities, so they are often in a better position than young people with higher education diploma on hand. Graduates of technical schools find a job faster and easier.

On the basis of 9 classes to study in College you will have 3 or 4 years, and after the 11th grade 2 or 3. If you want you can do in the future related with your specialty to the University.