You will need
  • - high school diploma;
  • - passport;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - photographs;
  • - certificate of passage of examination;
  • the results of the exam.
If you purposefully want to become a future ambulance nurse, nurse, midwife or dental technician, you'll need a good knowledge in biology and chemistry. In College you will find a large number of subjects of natural-scientific profile. In the process of learning time to eliminate the gaps in knowledge in these disciplines will not be enough, so make sure in advance. In some medical schools and colleges in entrance exams you need to pass an essay in literature or the dictation in Russian language. If you feel insecure in these disciplines, engage them more intensively.
For admission in the medical College in many cities of Russia have already created a database of training courses, where classes are held with intensive study of biology and chemistry. And upon successful completion of these courses entrance examination may pass and not have. Use this information when preparing to enroll in a school or College.
Choose the specialty where would you like to study in College. Unlike medical schools, where specialization begins at the undergraduate, secondary special medical educational institutions, you will need to choose your field of work in advance. It can be obstetrics, Pediatrics, dentistry, ambulances, etc.
Hand over the documents to the selected branch of the medical institution. If necessary, give additional examinations.
Studying in medical school will help to prepare you for further study at a higher education institution. You will have experience of internship in medical facilities. The College is not a quick process, you'll need 3-4 years to obtain the diploma of medical specialist middle managers. And during this time you can understand where and who would you like to work, whether you need to study further to become a doctor.