There are several options on where to go after school. For example, try to master another profession. Sometimes during or upon graduation a person realizes that was just a wrong choice of specialty. The solution is simple – perekvalifitsiruetsya. It is important to prepare and not to be mistaken with a choice this time. You must re-select the College, University, profession and to the desired profession. In this case, it will be an important advantage when seeking employment options will be greater.
Continue training in the specialty. Most now use this option. If you select a major that you love and are looking to build your career, but the employer requires a worker with higher education? Go to University and safely improve your skills. You should start with choosing a University. Here can help the management of the school, providing information about the universities, some schools have cooperation agreements with them. Then pass the exams. Those who chose the University in the direction of direct relevance to the specialty of the school, the exam can not pass. It is replaced by an introductory test in the form prescribed by the University.
In the absence of desire to learn more find after school work. A modern system of finding a job greatly simplified. On the Internet you can easily post summary and see the list of vacancies offered by the employer. Then should not sit and wait for the employer to consider a resume. Sign up for a series of interviews. This will not only add experience but also will accelerate the job search will quickly proceed to the desired responsibilities and create a career.
Consider combining work and education distance learning, continuing education after College is a very good option when you can support yourself and improve your knowledge. The law provides that the employer must give the employee leave at the time of the session, so afraid about the lack of preparation time should not be.