Decide on the specialty that you want to enrolling in high school. If received at the College specialty fits you, then you can continue studying in this direction, improving their knowledge. In the case where the existing specialty you do not like, radically change the direction of activities. Will choose the profession that fits you.
Select a higher educational institution. It can be public or commercial. Give preference to state school. Employers when choosing employees prefer professionals with diplomas of state educational institutions. However, be aware that some for-profit institutions are in the process of accreditation, which gives the right to issue to graduates of commercial high schools diplomas of the state sample.
Diploma of the College entitles you to receive a higher education in an accelerated program. But keep in mind that the opportunity you are given only provided that you continue studying on the specialty obtained at the College. For example, in College you have received legal education. You can directly enter the third year of a higher educational institution in the same specialty.
Out on the job if you have no desire to continue training in a higher educational institution. In production you accumulate over time, the experience will become a good specialist in your chosen profession.
To continue studying after College to get a higher education, and at the same time to get a job is also possible. It is worth considering that the work to combine with the full-time form of training difficult. Therefore give preference to part-time study.