You will need
  • - the medical policy of the new sample;
  • - pension insurance certificate;
  • - passport;
  • - medical card.
If you have already received a new sample policy, contact the women's advice, which you already visited, take all medical documents, notify the district gynecologist that you will be placed at a different location and take all the medical documents in consultation at the place of actual residence. At the reception present medical policy, insurance pension certificate, passport.
Call the insurance company at the phone number specified in the medical policy of the new sample and report the address of the medical institution where you will be constantly maintained.
If you haven't changed the policy, you can choose two options – replace the document, or contact the women's advice, which is convenient for you to visit, with a statement addressed to the chief physician. In the statement, specify the reason why you're uncomfortable to visit a medical institution at the place of permanent residence.
In my antenatal also write the transfer application, collect medical records and take it to another institution. If you are on the medical account of pregnancy, be sure to tell your local gynecologist / obstetrician that you're transferring. The doctor bears full responsibility for the pregnancy, and if you are going to have an appointment on a certain date, then you will begin to find.
If you are refused in attachment to female consultation the actual place of residence, contact your local health Department. Apply. You will be given a attachment a voucher for services in a medical facility that is more convenient for you to visit.
If you don't want to have the extra hassle of translating, writing petitions and appeals to officials, will receive a medical insurance policy of the new sample and you will be able to operate in any region of the Russian Federation, without receiving any additional documents and coupons.