Advice 1: How to restore the card to the driver

The restoration of lost driver's card is not the easiest thing. But if you still lost for any reason, you should not delay restoration indefinitely. Start as soon as possible to the action for its recovery.
How to restore the card to the driver
You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate from the traffic police about the fact of issuance of driving license and passing the exams;
  • - two photos 3,5 x4,5;
  • - medical certificate.
See the statement at the police station, if the card was stolen or illegally seized. Then after 10 working days you will issue a resolution. It should be noted immediately that in order to quickly restore the card driver, your interests will be a criminal case against the perpetrators. The statement must indicate that it was a steal. If you get a failure to prosecute on theft, it will not substantially affect the further recovery of the document.
Come to the Department of traffic police at the place of your registration and have them give you a certificate stating that they have not withdrawn from you card and driving license. Make sure it's the same office that you do not have currently any unpaid fines.
Take in the traffic police, necessary documents, and boldly go in MREO. Please note the availability of medical help, and see out whether her sentence. If the time came, that you need as quickly as possible to replace it with a new one. In MREO to the simplified acquisition cards the driver you will need to submit the following documents: a passport; if it is missing, the document that replaces the registration place of residence; a certificate from the traffic police about the fact of issuance of a license and passing the exams; two photographs 3,5 x4,5; medical certificate; a decision to Institute criminal proceedings (in case if the card was taken illegally or stolen).
Contact the place of issuance of your driver's card and ask them for a certificate. If you have not been stolen, you will in a few days will give a copy of it. And then it will contact the traffic police Department in order to obtain the original, or to exchange it. If you are not able for any reason to obtain a copy of the card in the archive, you then will need to re-take exams on the theory and practice of driving. After passing you will get a new card driver.

Advice 2: How to restore the driver's card

The restoration of the lost driver card is not the most pleasant experience. But if this is the situation for objective reasons, recovery does not need to be postponed. You should immediately proceed with the necessary actions.
How to restore the driver's card
In the event of theft or illegal seizure must apply to the Department of police at the scene of the crime. In ten days they should give you a resolution. It is necessary to understand that for a simplified version of restoration of driver's license in your best interest to pursue a criminal case. So the statement it is important to specify that it was theft, kidnapping or other illegal act against you. The resolution on refusal in initiation of legal proceedings in any case will not affect the further course of the recovery.
Please contact the district office of traffic police in the place of a personal check and will receive a certificate stating that a driver's license is not withdrawn. Also in the same office you need to make sure that all the currently available penalties repaid.
Get the traffic police all the necessary documents and go to MREO. You need to immediately check medical certificate did not have her period or not. If left, it will also need to be replaced. Thus, ired to execute the recovery certificates and related paperwork you need to submit:

1. Passport or equivalent document with indication on place of residence;
2. A certificate of completion of training (examination of the driver card) or a certificate of the traffic police of proof of issuance of a license;
3. Two color photos 3,5x4,5 cm;
4. Medical certificate of fitness for the vehicle of the corresponding category;
5. Help the traffic police that the driver's license is not withdrawn;
6. The resolution of the investigator on initiation of legal proceedings (if the driver's card has been stolen or seized illegally).

Advice 3: How to restore a Bank card

Bank cards are becoming more popular among the population. Indeed, it is easy and fairly safe method of payment. In case of loss, unlike cash, the card can be recovered.
How to restore a Bank card
In case of loss or theft of a card first of all block it. For this call the call center of your Bank. His phone number is posted on the Bank's website and in its promotional materials. Be prepared to tell the operator your name and passport details, as well as the code word if it has been assigned to you. Keep in mind that pin to an unauthorized person, including employees of the Bank, could not be disclosed. If the card was mechanically damaged, but remains with you, it can be specially not to block, as it is not available to fraudsters.
Come to the Bank with your passport to get a new card. This needs to be done and in that case, if the old map is OK but it will expire. Write an application for reissue. Indicate the reason for ordering new cards. For example, if the card was stolen and there is a risk that an attacker will take advantage of her. Note that, most likely, after the restoration of the payment instrument, the Bank will remove from your account a Commission provided for a case like this. Typically, the amount does not exceed two or three hundred rubles. Some banks do without such commissions.
After the stipulated time will get a card made for you again. If this card is registered, its registration may take from several days to several weeks. For convenience, you can select Unembossed card at the time while waiting for your main.
You subsequently change the map again, please observe some security measures. Do not store the card near the device, which can be attributed to magnetic waves, for example, about a cell phone. Avoid scratching the magnetic strip of the card. To do this, not just store it in the bag, and in a special compartment of the purse.

Advice 4: How to restore the passport

Quickly restore passport is possible in his loss, referring to the territorial office of the Federal migration service. To obtain a new passport will need to prepare and present the documents.
How to restore the passport
You will need
  • - the statement;
  • help from law enforcement agencies;
  • - 4 photos size 3,5x4,4 cm;
  • - reference from place of residence;
  • - military ID;
  • - birth certificate of children;
  • - marriage certificate (divorce);
  • - the certificate of your birth;
  • - certificate from the registry office;
  • - certificate confirming citizenship of the Russian Federation.
If you had stolen passport or you have lost it, contact the law enforcement bodies with the statement for loss. Based on your statement you will be able to obtain a certificate confirming the fact of loss of the passport.
For the primary identity document, you must apply to the territorial branch of the migration service at the place of residence. In this case, you will be able to receive the new document within 10 calendar days. If you contact FMS at the place of temporary registration, to get a fast passport will fail as it will first check all data provided by you, and it will have to make a request to the migration service at your place of permanent residence. It can take quite a long time and the registration will be delayed until 60 calendar days.
To restore the lost passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation, the Federal migration service apply unified form No. 1P, it you fill out on the spot in the presence of the employee of the FMS. Please submit a certificate from the police confirming your appeal on the fact of loss of the document. In addition, you'll need four photos sized 3,5x4,5 cm color or black and white, the receipt on state duty payment in the amount of 500 rubles. Citizens who wear glasses need to take photos in glasses with light glasses.
At registration of the passports to include additional information. These marks will need a military ID if you belong to the category of conscripts are in the reserve or in the military age. Be sure to present a certificate of residence confirming registration, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, children birth to 14 years.
Turning for a passport at the place of temporary registration, you'll need to present a birth certificate or a certificate from the Registrar, and a certificate confirming Russian citizenship.
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