You will need
  • - passport;
  • - certificate from the traffic police about the fact of issuance of driving license and passing the exams;
  • - two photos 3,5 x4,5;
  • - medical certificate.
See the statement at the police station, if the card was stolen or illegally seized. Then after 10 working days you will issue a resolution. It should be noted immediately that in order to quickly restore the card driver, your interests will be a criminal case against the perpetrators. The statement must indicate that it was a steal. If you get a failure to prosecute on theft, it will not substantially affect the further recovery of the document.
Come to the Department of traffic police at the place of your registration and have them give you a certificate stating that they have not withdrawn from you card and driving license. Make sure it's the same office that you do not have currently any unpaid fines.
Take in the traffic police, necessary documents, and boldly go in MREO. Please note the availability of medical help, and see out whether her sentence. If the time came, that you need as quickly as possible to replace it with a new one. In MREO to the simplified acquisition cards the driver you will need to submit the following documents: a passport; if it is missing, the document that replaces the registration place of residence; a certificate from the traffic police about the fact of issuance of a license and passing the exams; two photographs 3,5 x4,5; medical certificate; a decision to Institute criminal proceedings (in case if the card was taken illegally or stolen).
Contact the place of issuance of your driver's card and ask them for a certificate. If you have not been stolen, you will in a few days will give a copy of it. And then it will contact the traffic police Department in order to obtain the original, or to exchange it. If you are not able for any reason to obtain a copy of the card in the archive, you then will need to re-take exams on the theory and practice of driving. After passing you will get a new card driver.