The therapist

Help u-086 contains 12 items, each of which spells out the conclusion of doctors and other information about the patient's health. The doctor, who can receive this help in finished form, i.e., is valid, is called a therapist. That is, the therapist gives a General conclusion on the aptitude of watching this front of the existing diagnoses and experienced in the past of the disease. To get to the therapist, you can call and make an appointment at the clinic on your place of residence.

A medical certificate is issued free of charge and should contain three seals: sign of a medical institution, the physician and confirmation of availability of chest x-ray. At the end of the document is written on what profession suitable patient. Once you get a certificate on form u-086, you can use it for one year.

Conclusion medical specialists

List of doctors that need to pass before you get to the final appointment with the therapist, a small. The main problem is that the doctors are on leave and get them at the right time is not possible. Therefore, people often use the services of private clinics, where for a small fee you will be able to arrange everything for 2-3 days.

Once you have the therapist got sick, you need to pass a number of special surveys. For final conclusion it is necessary to visit an ophthalmologist, surgeon, neurologist and otolaryngologist. All these doctors need to "different parties" to check whether you are able to withstand a load, which suggests your chosen profession.

Contraindications for training does not exist, so no certificate will issue in any case, but warn about possible problems. If the certificate is for the device to work, then you simply will not allow.

Some professions involve the inspections and the other doctors: gynecologist, dentist, etc.

For more information about the health

In addition to the surveys, you have to take the "standard set" of tests, a list of which you will find on the certificate. Usually it is common blood and urine tests, but it all depends on why you need the certificate (form-086.

Also, be sure to have a current chest x-rays. This means that since the last survey must undergo less than a year. If this period has expired, please contact the diagnostic center at the place of registration. In the case of large queues (especially in summer) you can pay to make chest x-rays in a commercial health care organizations. You need to have only passport and money for payment.

The owner must present a vaccination certificate. Without the help of u-086 when applying null and void.