Advice 1: How to get honey Polis unemployed

Health problems can appear at each person, irrespective of his social status. Free medical assistance is provided to anyone with health insurance. If you are unemployed, then take the receipt of this policy you can own.
How to get honey Polis unemployed
You will need
  • — passport;
  • — the insurance certificate of obligatory pension insurance;
  • — employment history.
Select your place of residence, the insurance company that operates in the system of mandatory medical insurance. Call to this company. Specify in what time, in what office and what documents you need to apply for medical policyand the unemployed.
Come at the appointed time to the insurance company. Bring your passport, work-book and pension certificate. Contact your insurer with the documents, you will be given an application for the grant policyand complete the application form. On the same day you are required to issue a provisional certificate to receive medical care and to appoint the day of issuing the policy (usually within 30 calendar days from the date of submission of the application).
Come prepared for the medical policyom the appointed day. When you receive the policyand verify its validity and ask the question on the renewal policy. The results of the policyand the provisional certificate of obtaining the medical care the firm-the insurer is free of charge. The validity of the policyand 1 year.
If the dismissal from the previous place of work, you do not pass the medical policy, and addressed him to the clinic after dismissal, then such a policyhave for free you will not accept. The fact that organizations submit lists of dismissed your insurance company and your policy will be invalid in the list. Information about the policyAh is updated in the registries every month. Of course you may be lucky, if for various reasons the policy will not be in such a list. In this case, in the clinic you will be free, but the cost of your reception will not be compensated physicians.
If you are unemployed, and treated in the clinic with the appropriate policy, then your admission to the clinic is met by the local authorities.

Advice 2 : How to get medical insurance for unemployed

The human right to receive medical care are defined by the Constitution of the Russian Federation. It establishes a medical insurance policybecause the medical service is paid - and the policy guarantees payment of spent on your care funds. Unemployed citizens themselves should take care of obtaining this document.
How to get medical insurance for unemployed
Find out which insurance company gives a pole in your community.
Please contact the branch of the insurance company at the place of residence. Call head office or view information in the directory. Also information on the location of the policyholders own clinic.
Please call the desired branch to find out the hours of operation of a specialist. Opening hours branches located at the clinics you can report at the reception.
For medical policy will be required to present documents confirming your identity (passport, birth certificate), the old policy (if any), the pension certificate and the work book. The latter is necessary to confirm the status of unemployed, as working citizens, the policies are ordered and issued through the personnel Department of the organization. Students instead of the work book must present a student card.
To obtain insurance policy on the child to the policyholder applies one of the parents. Presents a passport, the birth certificate of the child and the policy of the child (if he already received it previously).
Old policy can not imagine. Tell me, I lost it. It will not lead to penalties, it just needs to close the database, and without policy specialist will take more time to search for information.
After the presentation of documents preparing a contract with an insurance company. You sign up, after analyzing. Remember, any agreements should be prepared at least in two copies, one copy for each party. If you need your copy, request it from the technician as usually they do it only for yourself.
Next, you will be issued a temporary policy, with him and the passport will need to come again at a specified time (usually a month) to get the main document. Then you will receive a medical insurance policy, which will be valid for lifetime (provided that no changes to the law on medical insurance of citizens).
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