A medical certificate is a necessary document that will require when applying for work, issuance of driving license, visiting sports clubs, when traveling abroad, when placing a child in preschool and educational institutions, as well as in sanatoriums and recreation centers.

Medical certificate when applying for a job

When hiring a guide may require a medical certificate about state of health. It is necessary in order to check the aptitude of a potential employee. Often in this case, it is issued a health book. In order to obtain personal medical book, you must contact a medical institution, and, above all, to get a referral for a medical examination. Next, you need to pass a number of tests and visit several doctors – specialists of narrow profile. After that, the practitioner will make the conclusion and make the necessary records and printing in the sanitary book.

In the case of temporary incapacity by reason of disease management also need to present a medical certificate about state of health. Such certificate is called a certificate of incapacity is issued on the day of establishment of disability by a physician to which the patient is turned. Sick leave can be issued and during pregnancy, quarantine, health treatment, and compassionate care.

Medical certificate about state of health of the child

Medical certificate about state of health of the child will be required at checkout to kindergarten or school. Most often it is the so-called personal health record. It is issued in the children's clinic as a pediatrician after the tests and medical examination the doctors narrow profile. Also in the personal medical card of the child includes all the information about vaccinations.

In case of illness you will need to provide proof of absences of the child for a good reason − simply put, a certificate from the clinic. It is issued by the pediatrician on the day of discharge from the facility.

Medical certificate for obtaining a driving license

When you get a driver's license required full analysis of the condition of the driver. This requires a medical certificate on the right in the traffic police, which has a certain form, approved by the Ministry of health of the Russian Federation. When issuing such certificates is strictly reporting. Without registration in the record book a medical certificate will be invalid.

Medical certificate on the right to the traffic police issued only in medical institutions licensed to conduct medical examination of drivers or potential drivers. When making such a reference is necessary to paste to it a photo of the recipient. Having a reference in the clinic, you will need to be examined by a psychiatrist and the psychiatrist, which, in turn, put in a help corresponding print confirming that the recipient of the certificate is not registered in the mental institution. Further medical examination is required from a number of doctors narrow profile. Then help put all the required stamps and signatures.

Medical certificate in the traffic police has limited validity. It is valid for 3 years, after which it will be necessary to undergo a medical examination.