You will need
  • - to go to the doctor's place of residence;
  • - to pass all necessary examinations;
  • - to visit specialists.
To obtain a certificate 086, you need to contact the clinic at the place of residence to the district pediatrician or the therapist. The doctor will fill in all the information about the patient. These include: name, gender of patient, date, month, year of birth, home address, full name of the educational institution, date of completion reference. Also the pediatrician/physician will give all directions to pass the tests and fluorography. For admission in educational institutions and for employment is a blood test for Wasserman. In-depth health survey is not carried out.
The doctor writes the disease and brings all the information about vaccinations. Also your conclusion writing specialists: the surgeon, the otolaryngologist, the neuropathologist, the oculist. In practice, all this is happening without looking. Went and filed a certificate, wrote "healthy", put the painting went on to the next.
In conclusion, fit laboratory investigations, date of chest x-ray, General practitioner or pediatrician, a stamp of the institution signature of the chief physician.
To obtain a certificate 095, you need to contact the doctor about the disease. The doctor will prescribe all the examinations, treatment, if necessary, sent to the hospital.
Certificate is issued after recovery at discharge to study. It contains all the information about the patient, diagnosis, start date and end date of the disease.
If the illness lasts more than 14 days will receive an additional certificate form 027. It is a continuation of an existing reference 095 and confirms that the illness continues. In reference 027 is history. To issue this document in the clinic or hospital for a period of 75 days.
All types of certificates can be obtained only in a medical facility and give them can only be a doctor, despite the fact that the Internet is full of proposals for the issuance of certificates and the sale of forms. The registration of such certificates without the participation of the competent institutions is a forgery and is punishable by law.