In any case, necessary medical examination

The results of the preliminary medical examination are sometimes the deciding factor when applying for a job. This is especially true of occupations associated with increased risk, public catering, medicine work with children. The presence of the document confirming that the health condition of the applicant meets the standards, allows to exclude a possible situation related to the spread of infections, the emergence of a state of emergency and a mismatch of employee requirements. In addition, information about the health of the candidate allows the employer to be sure that the duties performed do not cause harm, do not exacerbate possible underlying disease. For example, people who have had cancer surgery, contraindicated work in hot environments. If you have problems with the spine eliminated heavy physical labor, etc.

A list of categories of staff who need to undergo a medical examination, determined by the regulatory documents including the Labour code and the sanitary-epidemiological rules.

How is the medical Board

Medical examination provides for the examination of the person by specialists, laboratory studies. This procedure usually takes a couple of hours and is held in municipal and private clinics.

The order of medical Commission is regulated by law. To conduct a it is necessary to have at itself the passport and the direction of the employer. It is a form developed by a specific company. Sometimes it may require other documents, a list of which forms a specific employer for specified work.

The procedure of examination and the list of diseases that prevent employment can be found in labour legislation.

Fee for examination

Professional medical examinations are not included in the system of obligatory medical insurance. They are usually paid by the employer. The company enters into a contract in advance with a healthcare facility and is sending present and potential employees. Sometimes the applicant pays the examination independently. In this case, displaced costs should be compensated regardless of whether the person is employed or not. This statutory rule, which regulated by the Tax code of the Russian Federation. This condition does not apply to cases that do not require a compulsory medical examination.