The ringworm is a fungal disease accompanied by itching. The cat carefully licking the affected skin, usually have an oval shape. The skin in these areas can be combed to the blood or covered with white scales.

The itching accompanied by itching. It is caused by a skin mite. The hair on the damaged areas of the skin becomes brittle and dull, in part falling. The skin there was red dots: locations of the deposits of the eggs and waste of the mite. Scabies affects the skin of the head, neck and ears of cats.
лечение кота при отравлении
Fungal diseases are treated with drugs that have a universal effect. They are suitable for treating and fungal, scabies, and skin lesions. Is sulfur ointment and manufactured on its basis ointment swiftcore. Drugs based on sulfur can be used to treat any skin diseases of parasitic origin. The sulphur ointment, and use sulfometuron until then, until all signs of the disease. These drugs have significant side effects.
отравление кота лечение
In the treatment of fungal diseases in cats effective action has powder Juglone. Currently this drug is hard to find on sale, but it is one of the most effective means. From the powder prepared 2% an oil solution which is applied to the skin of the animal once in 7 days. One or two treatments are enough to remove from the disease. The next day on the treated areas of skin caused zinc ointment to reduce risk of burning. The licking cat of powder is undesirable.
лечение печени у кошки
This simple tool such as iodine, can also help in the treatment of fungal diseases, but it must be applied with caution. The affected area of the skin treated with 5% solution of iodine (stronger solutions are used) in a few minutes is treated with iodine the area of skin to apply the sulphur ointment. If you change the behavior of cats treated with iodine should be discontinued.
Fluconazole, intraconazole, ketoconazole use undesirable. These drugs have minimal therapeutic effect and have a negative effect on the adrenal glands. Clotrimazole, batrafen, lamisil is not also have the desired effect.
как быстро вылечить ушной клещ у кота
For scabies suitable amarain, aversektinovaâ ointment, apace-alpha and drugs ivermectina series. Ivermectin injected subcutaneously 1 time per 7 days at the rate of 1 ml per 25 kg of body weight. It can be applied not before achieving cat age of 3-4 months. Drugs nostomania, actamin, entomatada in aerosol form is more effective and safe for the treatment of cats against scabies than drugs sold in vials. With a small spread of scabies apply the tar. Cats respond to increased salivation, it is not dangerous. Ointment on the basis of sulfur will also help to cope with scabies.
підшкірний кліщ у котів