Remember that at the slightest suspicion of ringworm cat you must take to the vet, and the premises thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.
у катят шелушиться кожа и редеет шерсть как вылечить в домашних условиях
Carefully inspect the muzzle of a cat, her limbs and tail. If you've noticed round spots with bald patches, scales or crusts wash your hands thoroughly and take the animal for a checkup at the vet. If the spots are irregularly shaped, it could be a vitamin deficiency, which also does not prevent to consult with a specialist.
куриный лишай кошек чем лечить
If you are the owner of Persian cats, carefully palpate her. This breed is the symptoms of ringworm is not expressed so clearly. That "Persian" ringworm, can indicate only a small subcutaneous nodules.
как определить лишай у кота фото
If the coat of a cat shines, and this symptom does not always speak in favor of the fact that the cat is healthy. Put on your gloves and take the cat in his arms. Carefully inspect it. If the skin in the cat has ulcers or vesicles, immediately take her to the doctor.
Как у собак выглядит лишай
If the cat during seasonal shedding leaves pieces of wool, such increased hair loss can also be one of the signs of ringworm.
Какие признаки лишая у собак
If the cat is constantly scratching at the ears, note ear. It is possible that their edges are affected ringworm.
Please note, not deformed if she had claws. In that case, if the claws are of irregular shape, it is likely that they are affected by the disease.
If the fluorescent method of diagnosis or method of bacteriological analysis in the veterinary clinic, your cat was diagnosed with "ringworm", ask to inspect the animal and the presence of other diseases. A healthy cat can successfully cope with the fungus, even if its spores are on her fur and skin.
Consult a dermatologist, turn over all the necessary tests to exclude the possibility of infection. Be sure to conduct daily cleaning and disinfection of the dwelling as long as your cat is not completely healthy.