Good tool, with which you can youto treat a pet from ear mites, it is time-tested drug Tresaderm". It includes antibiotic, so the medication also treats secondary bacterial infections. A derivative of cortisone which is also contained in the medication helps with inflammation, and thiabendazole directly kills mites, and along the way different kinds of fungi. "Tresaderm" can be applied not 21 days, and 10-14, as it kills not only adults, but also their eggs.
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In recent years, veterinarians recommend treating the ears of cats, picked up the tick, ""Ivomec"". It contains ivermectin, a substance with a large spectrum of antiparasitic effect. This drug is made in the form of drops and liquids for injection. Stabbing it in the course of a month or a few times a week. But there are limitations to the application, they can be read in detail in the instructions.
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Known among animal lovers drug "front line" can also be used for removing of ear mites. It has the active ingredient fipronil, which kills not only fleas but other insects, including ticks. Many cat owners drip "front line" ill Pets in your ears. But in the instructions for use of this method does not say anything.
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Most modern medicine, usyh mites - Revolution for Cats. It should just drip on the withers, then wait until the active substance of the drug is absorbed into the blood stream of the animal. Manufacturers claim that the medicine kills fleas and ticks, and also serves as a good way to prevent against them. But the remedy will not operate if the ears of a cat is contaminated. Therefore, before and during its application it should be thoroughly clear the ear canals of the animal.
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