What is shingles and how does it manifest itself

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The main symptom of depriving the cat is the occurrence of bald patches. The affected skin may redden, peel and be covered by a small rash. Hair falls out pretty quickly, so bald patches do not only spread throughout the body, but increase in volume. In some cases, ringworm itchy, so the cat is constantly trying to scratch or lick the affected area.

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The treatment of lichen

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Remember this rule of thumb – if your pet is infected with ringworm, you will not only have to treat the cat itself, but also to carry out regular treatments throughout your apartment. The presence of mildew on the interior will slow down the healing process of the animal.

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Ringworm can be treated with special antifungal ointments. They handled all receding hairline, and gradually the affected skin stops itch, taking the natural hue. After some time the hair begins to grow. Please note that before applying the ointment, the hair on the affected skin should be sure to shave or remove with scissors.

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A more serious method of curing the animal are special medicines. The most effective, for example, are considered "Ketoconazole" and "Intrakonazol". The powder mixture is mixed pet food. The dosage as a rule, are specified in the attached instructions.

If you decide to cure ringworm with brilliant green or iodine – your method will not only bring effect, but also prolong the suffering of the cat. These substances have absolutely no effect with fungal diseases.

"Griseofulvin is a universal drug that is suitable for all cats. It is often prescribed for kittens, pregnant cats and Pets of advanced age.

If the cat get ringworm during pregnancy, it is necessary to treat with special attention. The best option would be to contact your veterinarian. Otherwise, you may lose the expected offspring.

Diagnosis depriving

To diagnose ringworm by yourself is very difficult. You can rely on the experience, knowledge, or save your funds self-medicate cats. However, to establish the fact of depriving possible only with the help of numerous studies. The vet will take the animal the necessary tests, will make the seeding fungal culture and to make an accurate diagnosis.

In addition, to appoint a really effective treatment can only be experienced specialist. To ringworm can be confused with many diseases. Just trying to cure one disease, you can not disregard the possible complications. Ringworm is a dangerous disease that can be transmitted to all members of your family.