Disease caused by hypodermic mites is called demodicosis. In another way, the parasite that causes this disease is called zeleznicna mites. He lives in cat fur, lays its eggs and carries out the moves over the body of a cat. If you look closely at the skin of the animal, when the light falls on her, you notice the pearlescent luster of the epidermis, which is one of the characteristic signs of the presence of this mite. This parasite causes great significant damage to the body of the animal. The cat becomes more angry, irritable, scratch and sometimes bite.
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The reasons of infection by this parasite a lot. The most common of these is the interaction with sick animals. The cat can easily get one, talking to another cat or dog, and even man. Possible disease transmission from animal to human. Moreover, demodectic mange occurs in catsgrowing in unsanitary conditions. Animals with a weakened immune system and other skin diseases are at increased risk.
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The main symptoms of demodicosis is the appearance of a cat's intolerable itching, and subsequently of pimples and reddish nodules on the skin. The coat in this fall, and the animal is often licks the affected area. With the progression of the disease bald areas on the body of the cat becomes more and more, it becomes lethargic and seems painful. The skin is covered with bubbles and in some places looks like mother of pearl. This is due to the fact that mites, making moves, leaves traces. To ensure that your cat really demodicosis, and not any other disease, is sufficient to raise the skin fold and squeeze it from all sides. As a result, you will be able to pull the tick size of the order of 0.2-0.3 mm long, narrow body and four claws.
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Begin to treat the disease it is necessary from the onset of symptoms. To ensure that the treatment is successful, you need to first completely cut the animal, and then wash it by special shampoo against seborrhea and dermatitis. Then you should mark all affected areas of the body with oil and wait until it is completely dry. It takes 5 - 6 hours. At this time you need to make sure the cat does not lick the skin. Then, your cat will need to handle a medicament against demodicosis, which is prescribed by a veterinarian. These include amarain, cetiat, sapoderm, amidel gel. Depending on the arrangement of sites of destruction and the medications the doctor prescribes a certain course of treatment ointment. It usually lasts 12 - 15 days. In addition, the cat prescribe medications that increase immunity, and vitamins. In the period of the disease the animal needs more feed to regain his strength.
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