Immediately contact your veterinarian. The clinic will conduct relevant studies on the presence of this pathogen in the cat and determine the right treatment. The diagnosis yourself. To do this, take a small amount of wax from your pet's ear with cotton buds, then examine the contents under the microscope, (use dark background). Ear mites will be an active white spots of a pinhead.
In order to avoid the spread of harmful parasites on a cat's body treat the dog with insecticide, for example, use "Fipronil". This drug kills the mites on the body surface.
Cotton sticks constantly remove accumulated secretions. Treat the ears drops which is detrimental to mites and is designed for introduction into the ears, for example, "Anandin+" and "Principles". Known drug "front line" can be used to remove harmful parasite. It includes a substance fipronil which kills not only ticks, but also fleas.
To get rid of the ear mite cats, apply and tool ""Ivomec "" with a wide spectrum of effects. This drug is manufactured in liquid form for injections and drops. Treatment of ear mites in cats is 28 days because the eggs of these parasitic organisms preparations, not to destroy. Will have to wait when the eggs come the larvae of the ear tick, to be able to destroy them. During this time treatment is required.
Use regular vegetable oil. Chop a few cloves of garlic and then mash them and add oil, leave overnight. Good clean ears of the animal. Drip into each ear for 5 drops. As prevention is not forget about the hygiene of your beloved pet, regularly check and clean the ears using specialized hygiene drops "bars". Process on a quarterly basis (every six months) the animal from ticks and fleas with insecticides (Advantix, etc.).