You will need
  • antifungal ointments;
  • antifungal shampoos;
  • oral drugs against depriving;
  • - a pair of scissors.
The sooner you notice the symptoms of this disease in your pet, the easier it will be to restore him to health. If you have a suspicion that kitty could catch it, then carefully inspect your kid and if he has the classic symptoms of lichen - small round patches that lack hair, be sure to bring your furry friend to the vet.
у катят шелушиться кожа и редеет шерсть как вылечить в домашних условиях
In no case do not self - incorrectly selected medications or excess dose may lead to serious consequences until the death of the kitten!
уколы от стригучего лишая у кошек
Most likely, for the treatment of depriving your meowing baby will be assigned a special anti-fungal ointments - tiabendazol or miconazol. Effective treatment, gently wastegate animal hair in places where it is necessary to apply ointment. Try not to irritate and not to hurt the delicate skin of the kitten - it will not only hurt him, but will provoke the further spread of lichen.
чем лечить лишай у котят
Scissors, which you carried out this manipulation, after each use be sure to treat alcohol or vodka - they contain the spores of ringworm, and being sterile can become a source of reinfestation of the animal.
лишай у коnf
Also, your kitten can be recommended anti-fungal shampoos, which is composed of etilbenzola and miconazole. Wash your pet's prescription drugs as often as it is prescribed by a veterinarian.
Как у собак выглядит лишай
In severe cases where creams and shampoos after a few weeks of treatment did not help, and ringworm progresses rapidly, spreading even to the claws and causing a General deterioration in the condition of the animal, he can be appointed by the medication in pill form. Dosage of oral drugs is chosen only by a physician and in strict accordance with the age of the animal.