Any fungal infections in cats that cause all types of mushrooms, is a very dangerous disease. Spores of these fungi are constantly flying in the air and consequently deposited on the skin and mucous membranes the skin of cats. In small amounts on the skin and in the ears fungus in cats is always, and absolutely not cause any trouble neither the cat nor its owners. The disease of mycosis occurs only in cases where the immunity of the cat is weakened, and it can happen for a variety of reasons. Therefore, to treat the disease should not superficially – skin, but inside.

Looks like fungus in cats

Often fungal infection in cats is formed at the damage site of the skin. It can be any tiny scratch or a wound. It does not matter the size of the lesion, the disease very quickly and thrown in the healthy parts of the skin. Yesterday soft and smooth skin covered with crusts, scabs, have an unpleasant odor, constantly itch and irritate the cat.

What may occur

Causes of fungal infection in cats are many and seemingly mutually exclusive. So, the lack of care of the skin consistently causes the formation of fungus in cats, but excessive grooming is also capable of provoking its rapid, uncontrolled development. Pay attention to the brush that combed their favorite. It should not be too hard, otherwise it will permanently traumatize the skin, causing the development of mycosis in cats.

How to treat

First of all, to go to the vet. He will check the General condition of your cat and will prescribe individual treatment. Usually the shear area of the skin affected by the fungus, after which the lesion is applied ointment levomikol, for example. Sometimes compresses or pressovanie of the hearth, if it's a wet wound. And, of course, appointed as special diet, vitamin complexes that restore the ailing immune system of your cat. The main thing in the treatment of mycosis in cats do not tighten. Fungus in cats treated incredibly long, even if symptoms disappear almost immediately. Please follow all recommendations of vet. Because the fungus can freely go in person, if you start the treatment. Yes, and your cat will be very uncomfortable unless treated, the fungus will come back again, and it will happen fast enough.