You will need
  • - vegetable oil or petroleum jelly,
  • - fleece,
  • - tweezers
  • disinfectants (iodine, brilliant green, an ointment with antibiotics)
Take a kitten on hands, RUB the skin around the tick and the bloodsucker sunflower oil, vaseline, alcohol or gasoline with a cotton swab. Wait for a while. If the tick has disappeared, you will have to remove it.
как промывать уши кошке от ушного клеща
Ask someone from family members or friends to help hold the kitty, because the animal will not wait quietly while you remove the tick. Take a pair of tweezers, carefully grab the head or jaw of the tick. Do not take a tick for the torso, it could come off and the head remain in the body of the animal, causing inflammation. Remove the tick, pulling it, without jerking, twisting it slightly around its axis.
как лечить от блох
Destroy the tick. In any case, not crushed it, as the tick can be a source of infection. Disinfect the wound with iodine kitten, green paint, alcohol, or antibiotic ointment, causing the disinfectant on a cotton swab. Wash your hands thoroughly. Give the kitten a treat to keep him quiet after the experience.
ушные клещи у кошек как лечить