Symptoms of flea dermatitis

Notice flea dermatitis in cats almost immediately after the start of an allergic reaction. First, the animal begins to show increased interest in his tail. Cat is constantly chewing on it, which leads to profuse hair loss. Often on the affected areas of skin arise bleeding ulcers.

Flea dermatitis can arise not only from the mass presence of fleas on the body of cats, but from a single bite. The animal experiences considerable discomfort, accompanied by strong itching. Pet becomes grumpy and aggressive.

If you do not notice the flea dermatitis on time, results of this disease can be not only animal suffering, but also a significant fur loss on his body. If you look closely at the affected areas, one can often detect tiny reddish-brown particles - the feces of fleas. Upon contact with water, they color the liquid red.

If you suspect flea dermatitis, the first thing you need to do is carefully examine the skin and coat of your pet. On the site of flea bites in the presence of such diseases necessarily remain to irritate ulcers, abscesses and firm reddish papules.

In the presence of the slightest suspicion on flea dermatitis cat you need to show specialist. Otherwise, preventive and therapeutic procedures have to be performed to end the life of the pet.

Treatment flea dermatitis in cats

Prescribe the right course of treatment for cats with flea dermatitis can only be a veterinarian. Initially, the Pets are prone to allergic reactions have certain characteristics of the organism. Pick up drugs it is necessary in strict accordance with the individual characteristics.

The process of ridding cats from flea Allergy usually combines three categories of drugs. Some drugs are used externally, while others involve internal use, others are intended to accelerate the growth of hair on the affected skin.

In addition, if the cat sick flea dermatitis, the owner will have to undertake serious measures to eliminate possible sources of fleas. Necessary to carry out thorough disinfection of the premises in which the pet lives, are treated with a special flea medications his personal belongings – toys and a place to sleep.