You will need
  • - Quartzwater;
  • - Bleach, white;
  • - Rubbing alcohol(or antiseptic medical solution);
  • - Iodine;
  • - Vinegar;
  • - Essential oil of lavender or citrus;
  • - Soap-soda solution;
  • - Chlorhexidine 3-4%.
If you have Caravel, treating the environment is not difficult. You need to include quartzwater for 20-25 minutes.
All the clothes it is advisable to wash in hot water with the addition of white, if possible. All soft surfaces (couches, armchairs, chairs, etc.) process steam with the addition of chlorhexidine. To handle floors, doors and other flat surfaces, prepare a solution of 1:10. In water, add one of several means (bleach, alcohol, iodine, vinegar, essential oil of lavender or citrus, soap-soda solution, chlorhexidine 3-4%) or to mix a few ingredients together and thoroughly wash all the corners, baseboards, doors, door jambs, ventilation holes and other hard to reach places.