Not very suitable to them and the epithet "of the sea." They do not live in water and require it no more other Pets. Although glass aquarium for their content to be used, but only as a terrarium.

Guinea pigs do not weigh more than 1100 grams. Males of course, females. The length of the body is 20-25 inches. This is a compact pet which is no longer found in nature. Guinea pig is a rodent.

In all the years of breeding, displayed more than 20 kinds of Guinea pigs. They differ in the color of the coat, its length and texture.

Breeding Guinea pigs is just at home as in the wild they do not live. For mating need female not younger than 2 months and a male. And Guinea pigs can breed and pairs, and in groups. But still, the content of several males in one cage faces frequent fights between them. Pregnancy in females lasts for approximately 2 months.

Guinea pigs live about 8 years, but if they are well cared for, can live to old age – to 14 years.

Guinea pigs can live in different cells. In addition to wooden. Small rodent very soon it will spoil. An essential component of cell is its spaciousness – the animal loves to run. Must be treated gently to release it into the room. Mean slow, in fact it is a very nimble animal. If the pig runs away under a Cabinet or bed, for him to have to chase. And in the courtyard and it is impossible to produce.

Pigs eat lettuce or cabbage. You can feed them hay, as it contains the necessary vitamins. Also Guinea pigs eat their own droppings. This ban is impossible. Some substances protravlivayutsya only at the second attempt.

Even feeding pigs granulated feed, which also contain all the necessary nutrients. But in a dry form.

The cage should be put trough. It is very often necessary to change the water, as the pigs quickly it becomes dirty.