Ear mites

у кошек светятся глаза

Ear mites are parasites very small (not visible to the naked eye), which is located in the ears of a cat. They are attracted by the oily secretions and sera. The activity of the mites causes skin inflammation and can cause severe infections. Symptoms in lesions of the ear mite is usually pronounced: cat shaking head, she is constantly itching, experiencing itching in the ears, odor, and the inner side of ears covered with dark scabs.
Running defeat ear mites may trigger the development of otitis media. Therefore a cat must treated promptly burying it in the ears of a special drug. For example, "Tofranil", "Amarain plus", "Amit" and others.

Allergic dermatitis

как решить цепь реакций

Cats may experience an allergic reaction to food, care for animals, household or stimuli from the external environment (the perfume of the owners, for plastic, cigarette smoke, road reagents, pollen, etc.). For example, if the cat is scratching the neck or head, you often have to talk about allergies to food. In this case, you can try to change the feed. If the cat scratches heavily or excessively licking the base of the tail, maybe she's allergic to dust mites living in carpets. If vigorously washes his face with occasional scratching of the eyes and nose, probable Allergy to pollen.

Allergy treatment is to remove allergens from the environment on the cat environment, as well as the use of special drugs. For example, cortisone or steroids, which can control the Allergy. And it's reasonable to seek help to the veterinarian, because only a specialist can identify the allergen and prescribe the right treatment.


Какое зрение у кошек

A fungal infection called ringworm often affects young kittens and young cats. The disease is accompanied by severe itching, pet itching almost continuously. Place the scratching characterized by round bald spots, which are distinguishable scaly skin without hair. These lesions tend to occur on the head, ears, neck, chest or front paws. Method of treatment depends on the severity of the disease, but usually washing the cat in special shampoos, ointments lubricate and give medications that are prescribed by a veterinarian.
Ringworm is a contagious disease that can jump to other Pets and human. Therefore, along with the treatment is necessary to disinfect all household items, bedding, carpets, etc.


влажность воздуха для канареек

Selection and eggs, blood-sucking small insects can be detected on the fur of the pet, and the fleas on the skin. Cat continuously itching the skin wounds, covered with scabs, at the base of the tail the hair is becoming rare. Today there are many drugs for getting rid of fleas – from gels, which are applied to the withers of the animal, to the special collar.


что едят попугаи

The disease, somewhat similar to ringworm, caused not only by the fungus, and cessationism zadnem – small blood-sucking parasite the size of 0.1-0.4 mm. It has a nearly transparent body, so it is not seen to the naked eye. Sudan olubowale for itself the top layer of skin on the head (most often), sometimes on the chest in advanced cases, scabies is spread across the back. The cat continually itching, balding, skin covered with a bleeding scab. Itching increases at night-time, sometimes on the affected areas appear pustules. Early diagnosis may supply the veterinarian by microscopic examination, he shall appoint the necessary treatment.

Dry skin

Some cats, like people, suffer from excessive skin dryness, especially in winter. Skin flakes under the hair, creating dandruff and causing itching. This is not particularly a health risk to cats, but should pay attention to their nutrition, care, content in General. Sometimes it is enough to use a special shampoo, food with polyunsaturated fatty acids and natural vitamins as the problem disappeared.