The main thing - the diagnosis

That the treatment was correct, it is very important to properly diagnose. Don't do it yourself, contact a specialist. Cats can nedomoganie, but not to show it. To catch the disease at the stage when it can be cured, look for symptoms: lack of appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, shortness of breath, fainting, unusual behavior, problems with the toilet. A single refusal of food is not a problem, but if the cat doesn't eat all day, hiding, avoiding pan is a reason to go to the vet.

Sometimes diagnosis is possible only with the help of analyses. For example, the General analysis of blood will help to diagnose severe illnesses such as chronic renal failure or diabetes. Detailed veterinary inspection is required when injury, poisoning or other accidents.

Features of treatment

When the diagnosis is established, together with the doctor to develop a treatment plan. Decide which treatments you can do at home. For example, quite easy to learn intramuscular or subcutaneous injections or provide pills and medicines orally. Home can put even the dropper. The vet will establish in the vein of the animal, the catheter needs to be changed every three days. In this case, such a simple procedure like an enema or gastric lavage can be a real problem for the owner. It would be better if it will take the nurse in the veterinary clinic.

Ask them to clarify what the medication was prescribed cat. Select the appropriate form of the drug. For example, if the cat is vomiting, instead of pills and drops, it is better to inject subcutaneously or intramuscularly.
Often together with antibiotics and other strong medicines doctors prescribe Supplements If you do not consider it necessary to give their pet, such additives can be dispensed with. But to save on important medications can not.

Home hospital

Select a convenient place for a sick animal. It can be a basket or box with a soft cloth and a waterproof diaper. They will have to be changed frequently - found wanting a cat is not always able to reach the toilet. Moreover, it is unlikely to observe hygiene - this duty you will have to take on. If the animal is cold, you can put a cloth under a heating pad or bottle with hot water. Make sure that the cat is not lying in a draft - animal is weakened by colds easily.

Don't bother the cat, let him sleep plenty, However, don't forget to do all the prescribed vet treatments. It is very important to establish power. If the cat does not eat for more than a day, it can become a big problem. There are cases when animals died not from disease but from hunger. To avoid this, the cat will have to feed forcibly. Instead of dry food or home write large pieces feed your pet canned food in the form of pate. Even the children's meat sauce - it's liquid, relaxed cat does not need to make an effort to eat. Note that the cat is more willing to eat a little warm and fresh food. Put some puree on a saucer and put it on the stand so the animal didn't have to bend down.
Some sick Pets prefer to eat from the hands of the owner. Let your cat this little whim.

If the cat eats itself, try to unsolder it from the syringe without a needle. Mix the baby puree with warm water and inject into the mouth of the cat small portions. Do not give too much food at a time to pet puked. Do not offer animal sweets, fatty and smoked foods, this too can cause vomiting. In addition to food give your cat clean water.