Upon detection of ear mites animal it is best to take a veterinary clinic or call a doctor at home. The doctor will show you how to handle the ears of the kitten. But if this is not possible, you can help your pet by yourself.
There are many means of dealing with ear mites, for example, "Amit", "Amarain", "Dekta" (the latter drug is the most toxic, so it is not recommended for use in the treatment of kittens). First, you need to carefully swaddle the animal in a towel or procedural bag, leaving outside only the head. Then, pulling the eye upward, move the tip of the bubble to the opening and squeeze out one drop of medication. After that, bend the ear of the cat and gently massage it to cure not resulted and did not get into the eyes. In addition, you can use mineral oil to animal licked a poisonous drug. If that happened, then give the pet as much milk.
Also the animal can cure ear mites with oil. To do this, drip three to five drops into the ear hole. Oil will destroy the mites and will have a soothing effect on the ears. Veterinarians practicing non-standard treatment, it is recommended to use almond or olive oil (in any case, do not use tea tree oil – it is extremely dangerous for the animal). To enhance the therapeutic effect, you should soak overnight a few crushed cloves of garlic in oil. This procedure is preferably carried out once a day for a month.
Remember that dirt in the ears of an animal may protect ticks from the meds. Therefore, before you drip the oil it is desirable to clean the cat's ears.
To mites never came back, you should give them Echinacea. This plant strengthens the immune system, help the cat to deal with pests. Echinacea is preferably added to the diet of cats within two weeks after treatment.