You will need
  • - wireless connection with audio device.
To turn on the speakerphone during a call, you should first verify that this function is available in your area. Find the button on (usually left or top right, depending on the model).
Also view the options menu current call and look for an option to turn on the loudspeaker. View the user section to enable the speakerphone in your mobile device, some little-known manufacturers can be provided for this function a special menu.
If your mobile device is missing a speakerphone, connect your device to speakers using a wired or wireless connection. If your phone or audio device you can connect using the cable in jack (standard Jack plug to connect audio devices, such usually with headphones), connect them with wires in a headset or headphones. Pre-set average volume levels.
Set up a wireless Bluetooth connection on both devices by pairing via search audio devices in your phone's menu. In the found equipment specify use as a headset, then check the mode the active call. Connecting audio devices for wireless Handsfree is most commonly used in cars to avoid accidents on the roads, because many drivers are often distracted by challenges and not able to handle it.
Please make sure that your receiver supports Bluetooth connection is not peculiar to each device model. Please note that in many countries it is the only legal way to talk on the phone while driving.