You will need
  • - cordless Panasonic;
  • - additional handset.
Take the phone manual to determine if additional tubing to connect to the database of the model. On one unit you can register up to six handsets. Please note that the use of other models, not mentioned in the instructions can lead to failure of certain operations (settings block and tube).
For example, you will be able to speak with the help of an additional tube over the intercom with another handset, but this time in the third tube will be an external call. Use additional base units can be set to four to expand the area of use of the phone. Please note if the handset goes out of range of the base to which it is connected, the system will search for another base, and the conversation, which was conducted at this time, interrupted.
Click in the center of the joystick, the screen will display icon the handset, press "OK". Then with buttons "Up" and "Down" to select "Registration", click "OK". Similarly, select "Register your handset" – "OK". Next, select a base unit number for which you want to register the handset, press "OK".
Click on the speaker button for five seconds on the base unit until you hear the registration tone. If they call all the tubing, stop the check and repeat this step.
Wait until the display shows the command base Pin, enter the pin code the base unit of the phone, the default is 0000 and click "OK". If you do not remember your pin, in this case, you need to contact customer service Panasonic. If the registration of an additional handset is successful, the screen will stop flashing network icon, and if the phone is on tone signals of the keys, you will hear a tone confirming the successful connection of additional tube.