First, use the equalizer on your mobile phone. In all phones that can play mp3 files on the player in which the adjustment of the frequency of the playback. Setting them on high, you will achieve increase volume twenty to twenty-five percent. Carry out this step, then proceed to the next step.
To increase the playback volume you can adjust the volume of the original track. For this you can use either the software that enables the increase in the volume of several compositions at once, or use a specialized audio editor. The most simple program to increase the sound from multiple tracks at once is Mp3Gain. Run this app, and then add to the queue, edit the tracks, designed to play on the phone. Set the desired volume increase and test the result. Then, apply the setting and save all the tracks as copies of the original.
For music editing with audio editor you can use Adobe Audition or Sony Sound Forge. These applications have high functionality and quality of compression that is sufficient for editing without quality loss. Download the file to workspace and then select it. Then go to "Effects" and select the effect "Graphic equalizer". Adjust it so that the frequency was increased. If you are going to use the melody for a ringtone, you'll need to increase the high and mid frequencies. After that, apply the changes, and use the effects of "volume up" or "Normalization" to increase the playback volume. Do increase volume incrementally, by five percent in every step and listen to the result. After reaching the desired volume, save the track as copy source and copy to the mobile.