Landline phones with wireless handsets allow you to combine the advantages of the city rooms with the possibility to move within the room. Similarly, mobile devices, handset cordless phone has a digital keyboard for dialing numbers.
If you are accustomed to use the mobile phone more than a landline, with wireless machine you can not change their habits. First, start typing a number, and then press the on hook (either a single secondary key). After that, the sending line signals (pulse or tone, depending on settings) will be performed automatically. Remember that on the handset without a display set of rooms in this way may not be possible.
You can dial a number on the wireless phone and the same as on the wired. To do this, first take the line by pressing on the green (or middle sole) key. Then click in the order number key. The signals in the line are sent as numbers (if you press them too fast, data will be buffered and sent to the line with a standard speed).
The sign "+" (plus) on the wireless phone to dial impossible. Instead of +7 gain figure 8. In this case, make a call to the second method. Click the on hook, press 8, wait for dial tone, and then dial the remaining digits. Outgoing calls will be the same as if it was carried out with a wired phone connected to the same line.
If you need to call the number that requires a set of part numbers in the tone mode, use the second method. The handset and dial the number in pulse mode (the handset must be configured accordingly) and then press the star key. Wait for the voice prompt and dial the extension number. This method does not work on some older Siemens Gigaset devices, for example, the model 100.
When you finish the call, press the red button (or again only average). One tube should be in the off position to keep the base, others need to be put on her only after nearly complete discharge of the battery. Find out from the manual, which of these rules should be observed when using your device. If it is analog, the receiver is better to return to base immediately after the conversation in any case, otherwise it can connect the "twins".