To be accessible to callers even during a conversation is not difficult. You just need to connect the option to carry out a conversation with the second line. This service provides operators all cellular networks. And most importantly her dignity that set her absolutely free.
In order to activate this option, just contact your operator (by the way, they carry out round-the-clock calls) and to Express the wish to be always connected to all callers.
However, not all depends on the operator. After all, even connected is not always able to help if such a function is not configured on the phone. To enable this, you need to dig a little in your mobile and do the following steps.
Go to your phone menu, then select settings. Further actions of the user of the phone will vary by model mobile.
On some cell function cell connection is connected with the entrance in the Apps section, from where you need to go to "Challenges". Then select "Voice call". Go to "call Waiting". Further specify whether to enable or disable.
On other models the headings to connect to the service are slightly different. But the actions remain the same. From "Settings" go to "Challenges". Select "call waiting" and then "Enable".
To answer during a conversation with one person on another call can press "2" or "call" (green tube). Or select the corresponding option from the menu.
On some phones to go to the second line you need to dial *43#.
However, it is better not to experiment, and to contact your operator and find out all your questions.