Determine the place where you want to install your own unit (or base station). However you should know that the place to base it is best to choose the corridor or the room where there is less household appliances (refrigerators, microwave ovens, washing machines, etc.), and where the base station will not be exposed under direct sunlight, where the humidity of the air will conform to the standards of the living room.
Take care of advance purchase special adapter, as the connector pins of the sockets in use are not suited to conventional legacy phone outlets, as a rule, they are made according to standard "Euro".
Take the phone, the phone and all the necessary equipment out of the box. Please remember that cellular phones should be treated very carefully to avoid all sorts of bumps, drops, etc. Read the instructions that came with the device, carefully read each item.Turn the base in the socket and put it on the phone, without performing any more actions within the time specified in the instructions to fully charge the battery. Remember, if the device is bought in the cold season, you must leave it unconnected at room temperature for a few hours and then go to connect and settings.
Press Page, when the battery is fully charged without having to remove the handset from the base. This must be done in order to automatically set a security code. You should know that this procedure must be performed any time after a complete battery discharge or loss of communication between the base and the handset.
Press and hold for some time until the audio signal on the basis of the button of the Intercom. It is usually located under the speakerphone button.
Remove the handset from the base and press "Menu" - "Settings", while holding a button on the intercom. Select in the settings select "Register handset".
Wait until communication is established between the handset and base. Enter 0000, if your device will request the code. These are the figures that manufacturers of wireless phones indicated in the instructions. If your unit is equipped with an other – specify it.
Try to call someone. If you perfectly hear the interlocutor, and he you connection base and handset successful. Navigate to the individual settings (melody and ringer volume, date and time, etc.).