You will need
  • Samsung audio player YP series.
So the players in this series do not differ much from their counterparts, the standard volume of playable songs is not too high. To improve this parameter usually resort to one of two options: install new software (firmware) or software to edit the settings, if possible.
If the first technique to use to have a pretty rare piercing technology is a danger, the second method is used more often. Regardless of the version of the software in your player, edit the system settings in every model.
First of all, you need to turn on the player, you can do this by long pressing the Power button, which is on the right side of the player. After a few seconds the screen will display the splash screen and main menu, navigate to the line "Settings" and press the middle button on the joystick.
Stop allocation on the line "Music" and open this item. In this list there are several items that will help to increase the overall volume. First, it is a "Mode "Street" (choose the option "On"), and secondly, DNSe (select "Self EQ") and, third, the "custom EQ".
Apart from them is the "custom equalizer", because sound quality depends on the settings. Here a matter of taste, but is preferably configured as follows: equalizer curve should resemble a tick V. If the first and the last column need to set to almost maximum, then the average will be approximately in the middle (marked "5").
To save the EQ settings press the middle button on the joystick and select the "Yes" answer the next question. Now you can listen to music at a good volume.