Consider the phone for the valve or shutter button for the camera. To activate the camera, slide the latch that closes the camera lens on the back of the phone. If there is no catch, but there is a shutter button on the side of the phone, marked with a camera icon, unlock your mobile device and click.
Consider the symbols on the phone screen. Likely to be two modes are available — photos and video. Switch to the desired mode. Remove by pressing the center button on the phone or button on the screen.
If there were no blinds for the camera, no button, unlock the phone and in the menu, find the Camera app or any other that has the camera icon. Select the application and run it. Remove by pressing the center button on the phone or special button on the screen (if you are using a touchscreen phone).
Turn on the camera on the iPhone using the Camera app after unlocking your phone. If your phone is updated to the fifth version, press the Home button, place a finger on the camera icon on the screen in the lower right corner and pull the screen up. Shoot by pressing the oblong button in the center. To take a video, move the slider in the lower right corner on the icon of the projector (camera). To enable the front camera tap the icon in the upper right corner in the form of a camera with arrows.
To make a video call, activate the service operator, and dial the number, but the call button does not press. Button instead of making a call press the left key on the screen "Function." Select "video call" or similar. Point the front camera at yourself talking. The camera will turn on automatically.
Include front camera automatically during a video call in the Skype. Install to your phone the program, configure the APN access point, beginning with her name is not with the word wap and internet. Sign up on the Skype website to obtain username and password from your account. Run the program on your phone and enter login and password in the designated fields. Add future interlocutor in the contact list. Call by selecting the "video call". The camera will turn on automatically.