Advice 1: How to increase phone volume

Depending on the situation, the owner of the phone puts the phone to silent or loud to focus on the theme of the conference or, on the contrary, do not miss an important call while walking with friends. In any case, the volume setting is changed in the General menu of the phone.
How to increase phone volume
Turn the phone on and activate the keyboard. If he's folding, just fold it, if not – remove the lock. Open the menu of the phone.
Locate the folder "audio Settings". Sometimes it is placed in a shared folder "Settings phone" or "Settings".
Scroll through the list using the keys "up-down" to the line "Volume call". Click and pressing the "Up" increase the volume to the desired level. Save the settings and go to the folder "audio Settings"
Scroll through the list adjusting the volume of the keyboard, incoming SMS, and other signals. At the end of the volume changes, save the settings and close the menu. Check the settings.
You can also change the phone volume, changing the mode of operation. It is in General menu, then "phone Settings" - "Mode". Set the loud mode, then activate.

Advice 2 : How to make a Samsung phone louder

Each mobile phone manufacturer there are special secret codes that can help you learn information about it or to perform various settings that are not available in the standard menu.
How to make a Samsung phone louder
You will need
  • phone Samsung.
Follow these increase the volume of phone Samsung using hardware of the device. Please, dial the following code: *#6984125*#, then press send call. Wait until the menu screen where you select Internals (fourth from top).
Then type in the password *#9072641*#. After that, go to text mode to change the volume of the phone. This is the third item in the menu. Then click on the virtual keyboard that appears on the screen, the following sequence of numbers: 5, 3, 4, 5, 1.
Select from appeared on the screen of the phone list number six, wait until the inscription READ changes to WRITE. After that, place the cursor in the input field, write in it 510. Click "finish" wait until you see the white screen and entered the numbers in the bottom of the display.
Then click "OK" after the first time the number will disappear from the screen. If everything was done correctly, then the sixth menu item appears 510, then press the red button and make sure the sound is increased to a maximum value.
Use the following method to increase the volume of phone Samsung, namely the ringtones for incoming calls and player. Enter the code *#8999*8378# and then select "Test equipment", go to "audio Settings", select "Volume". In the installed settings in the "Normal" replace the values 2-4-6-8-12 on 4-6-8-10-14.
Next go to the option "Key melody", and replace the numbers 2-4-6-8-10 on 4-6-8-10-12. Then click "On/Off the power", change the existing values for 4-6-8-10-14 . Set the "incoming call Volume" – 5. In other settings you can also change the settings from low to high frequencies.
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