You will need
  • phone
  • instructions for use of a telephone handset
Check the enable tone modeand by pressing any of the buttons of the phone without hanging up. Perhaps your camera is already in modee tone dial. Listen to the sounds he makes when dialing. If it is short, then mode do tone. If the handset you will hear short clicks, dial pulse. Therefore, you will not be able to use some interactive features.
To switch some phones in mode DTMF is not enough to simply press the key. Needed to fix it for 1-2 seconds. Try to hold the button "*" or "#" for a while. Then look at the screen of your radio. It should appear either the word "tone" or "t". If the label does not appear, re-listen to the sounds that the phone makes when pressing buttons. On some telephones equipped with buttons/switches "tone" or "t" and "and". In these phones just select the desired mode (pulse/tone). Switches can be located below or next to the base/handset. There are many phones with an individual way of switching the mode to tone dialing. For example, the sequence of keystrokes "*" "-" or "-" "*" "-". Tone mode included.
If none of the combinations did not help to switch your radio phone in mode DTMF, please read carefully the menu of your phone. In many switching from one modeto another as occurs in the setting of the tube. Open the menu, select the appropriate option (tone/pulse mode), click "OK". If you don't find one way, carefully read the manual for your phone. Maybe it's individual. In addition, wrong handling can lead to undesirable changes in some functions.