Look in your phone menu item called Bluetooth. For example, the Nokia it can be in the following location: "Settings" - "Connect" - Bluetooth.
Appear entry form consisting of multiple fields. In the field of Bluetooth, select "On" so that the interface is activated. In the box labeled "Available to all" or similar, select "Yes" or "No" depending on whether you want to make your phone visible to other devices. Note that if the phone is visible, vulnerabilities in the firmware may allow attackers to read without knowing the contents of his memory. But the probability is small enough. In the "phone Name", enter an arbitrary string. It is possible to use both Latin and Cyrillic. So as not to arouse the interest of potential thieves, you can enter in this field the name of any cheap device. By having a field "Remote SIM access" for security purposes you must enter a value "Disabled".
To transfer a file to another phone, select it using the built in file Manager or similar designation of third-party program (e.g. X-Plore). In the context menu, select "Transfer" then the sub-item "Bluetooth" (the exact names of these items vary depending on the program). Start auto device search. Select among them the receiving phone. It appears the enquiry. Answer it is positive and the file is transferred. He will be in the same folder that stores received SMS messages and MMS messages. If both phones will be asked to request password, enter each of them is any four-digit number - the main thing that it was on both machines are the same. Do not disclose to persons outside of a normal circle of a family files, the rights to which belong not to you. Having received from an unknown person executable file, in any case do not run it - it can be malicious.
On a PC equipped with a Bluetooth interface, a file transfer in the same way. The difference will be only in the fact that the enquiry be displayed on the screen will not - the computer will accept the file without warning.
To pair with your phone external GLONASS or GPS receiver first, do a master reset of the console by pressing the appropriate button. Then start on your phone navigation software, and its men, select the search receiver. Finding the last in the list of devices, select it. Enter the password 0000, but if it's not, try the password 1234 and 12345. Immediately after pairing, the receiver will become invisible for other phones until it is again subjected to total rejection.
Wireless headset connect to the phone via the above mentioned menu item Bluetooth. Do a full reset of the headset intended for this button. Press the right joystick button of the phone, and instead of the input form will appear in the paired devices list. Print context menu of the left podarennoe button, then select "New paired device" or similar. In the list, select the headset, and then enter the password as described above. Through this menu you can delete the paired devices, for example, when the headset is transferred to another person.