Consider a gift card carefully from all sides. The card has a fixed value, then large numbers will indicate the amount. This will be the value of your card. If the gift card has no picture (face value), then use the methods described below.
Call the hotline or to company. Tell the operator the unique code of your gift card, and the employee supports the organizations will consider you the face value, i.e. the amount put on the card money.
Send SMS with the code of the gift card to the short number, which is listed either on the website or in the information booklet accompanying the map. After sending the message will receive a response indicating the card value. A unique code will get the registration card.
Check the value of the card on the official website of the shop where you are given the opportunity to make a purchase. In the appropriate box, enter the gift card code and click "Verify". If the code entered is correct, then after a few seconds the information appears on the face value of the card.
Find out the value of the gift card in the shops, the map which you presented. If you are interested in the value of the card to know what to expect, ask the cashier to give you the information check, which will be as individual code of the gift card and its value.
Find out the value of the gift card with any purchase in the relevant map of the store. If the purchase exceeds the face value, you have to pay cash, but if not exceeds, the rest of the cashier knocks on the check. When using this method it is necessary in advance to prepare the amount of the proposed purchase, in case the denomination of your gift card will be not the largest.
Find out the denomination of the card, adding it in any amount. You will be issued confirming the Deposit check, which is sure to be the specified amount.