Before you begin reading the prayer, we need to satisfy some conditions: body, clothes and place of prayer must be clean, cover up any embarrassing places, to face toward Mecca (Qibla) and to have the intention to perform a certain prayer. Time to read the prayer is strictly determined. You can't pray at noon, at the time of sunrise and sunset.

Salah al-subh (morning): includes two RAK'ahs.

  1. First, it is necessary to raise the hands to shoulder level and say "Allahu Akbar". This action is called "takbirat al-ihram". Necessarily at the beginning of each prayer. Then we have to lay down arms and to say a prayer to begin with – "duau-l-istiftah". It is pronounced when making only the first RAK'ahs of each Salat. After that you should read Surah al-Fatiha and verses from the Koran.

  2. After completing the first RAK'ahs is necessary to adopt a standing position again to read the Surah al-Fatiha and verses from the Koran.

  3. After completion of the second RAK'ahs we should sit down, read the welcome "tachau and Sall Ibrahima, at the end to say Taslima "As-salāmu' alaykum WA Rahmat the – La" (which means peace be upon you and Allah's mercy). Then be sure to turn your head right, then left. This morning prayer is about to end.

Salat AZ-Zuhr (midday): includes four RAK'ahs.

  1. First, in the standing position it is necessary to speak "takbirat al-ihram" and "duau-l-istiftah", then he should perform two RAK'ahs in a row.

  2. After their completion we need to sit down, to say greetings and intermediate "tachau", then you should proceed to the third RAK'ahs ATA.

  3. For this you need again to stand up, raise hands to shoulder level, to say "Allah Akbar" and start performing even two RAK'ahs of atov.

  4. When complete the fourth RAK'ahs at, should be sitting to pronounce the greetings, the latest "tachau and Salah Ibrahim , then go to the words of Taslima.

Salat al-ASR (afternoon): includes four RAK'ahs.

Actions take place in the same sequence as during the midday prayer.

Salat al-Maghrib (evening): consists of three RAK'ahs.

  1. It also starts with "takbirat al-ihram" and "duau-l-istiftah". Then we need to perform two RAK'ahs, reciting the Quran aloud.

  2. After the second RAK'ahs should sit and read the welcome "Tashauz". After that you have to get up for the third RAK'ahs, raise the arms to shoulder level and pronounce the words "Allahu Akbar". Aloud to read namaz is not necessary. But during the first two RAK'ahs of atov should be read aloud.

  3. To complete the prayer need as well as the previous: browsing, reading greetings, the latest "tachau", Salat Ibrahim and pronounce words Taslima.

Salah al-ishaa (night): includes four RAK'ahs.

Takes place in the same sequence as the midday and afternoon, but Sura al-Fatiha and other verses of the Quran read aloud only during the first and second RAK'ahs of atov.