You can find the phone by IMEI through Internet only if the number consisting of 15 characters. It may be listed on the packaging of the device or under its hood, but most often to find IMEI by using dialing *#06# from the keypad of the mobile phone. Therefore, write down this number to use when needed.
The easiest way to find the phone by IMEI via the Internet is in the water this combination in any of the search engines. Here much depends on luck. You can stumble on an ad about finding your phone or its IMEI to one of the sites with a list of found or caught in the wrong hands mobile devices. You can use a special service LoSToleN, which you can find below. It is the largest Russian-language online database that allows you to search the phones IMEI. Finally, users of iPhone can access iCloud via your personal username and password which has a function of "Track iPhone". If it was activated on the phone, you can easily find it on the map.
Try to place a message or note about a lost or stolen phone at one of the sites or ads on social networks, adding your contact details. Perhaps if the device is found a conscientious man, he will be able to return it to the address specified by you.
If you find the phone IMEI on their own through the Internet has failed, contact the police and write a statement about the theft of the device. Law enforcement officers can take advantage of special software and hardware to determine the location of phones. If you just lost the phone, call the office or salon your operator's employees also have the opportunity to track the device. Anyway, in both cases you need to provide your IMEI, as well as documents of the owner of the phone and the SIM card that was in it at the time of loss or theft.
In case of loss or theft of a mobile phone you can try just to call your number from another device. Maybe you're lucky and the call will be answered person who found the phone that you wish to return it to you. If nobody's answering, try also to log in your personal account using the website operator and to track the last activity on the SIM card.