How to find a turned off phone on iPhone

To return lost or stolen smartphone based on iPhone OS is much easier than a regular phone. In modern models of the SIM card is embedded, remove it in the usual way impossible, and to find the lost phone if it is off, you need to perform simple actions. To do this:

- on the Internet go to the search site of Apple to enter in the appeared window password and login;

- after opening the account menu choose the tab "find my iPhone", which will display a map with a plotted point is green or gray.

A green dot indicates that phone is currently enabled, and if attempts to call him unsuccessful, the SIM card from it simply pulled out.

Point grey means that the phone is turned off, and its location indicates the location of the smartphone. If the terrain is familiar, and the owner of the phone had to go there, it's possible the phone could really be lost. This may mean that the phone could really be lost, not stolen. If the terrain is unfamiliar, then the options could be two: the phone is stolen or someone found and took home.

When it was possible to determine the location on the map to find the lost phone if it is off, you should lock your device using Lost Mode feature. This is a service that allows you to lock the smartphone. I need to write a message that specify a reward for a lost device, as well as the fact that to use your phone on purpose is impossible. If the message no one answered, it's time to go to the police.

How to find a turned off Android phone

Most mobile devices are quite easy to find in the enabled state, but to find a lost phone if it is off, it is not always possible. Fortunately, this problem does not concern mobile Android smartphones, which are designed for application Signal Flare, which for its operation uses a special built-in function warning of low battery level.

The program Signal Flare allows you to fix the location of the location of the phone at the time of its full discharge or battery is disconnected. Received application signal activates in the device service wireless Wi-Fi capabilities, GPS, and transmits the received data of the phone on a shared server. However, if the battery is fully discharged or will be removed from the device, find lost phone if it is off, this method will fail.

How to find a turned off phone by imei code

On the Internet there are a large number of proposals to find a lost phone if it is off, imei-code. However, sending a request or message in such questionable company, there is a high probability not only of the lack of results in the search of the mobile device, but also the loss of money and precious time.

The search phone for imei in mobile companies serves only to law enforcement agencies on the basis of statements about the loss from the owner of the phone. And the operator has a unique number and using special high-tech equipment sets in the search for the missing device.

In order not to lose time, while the official structures looking for a lost phone, you can use the services of sites-services that gather data in the database of imei codes of lost mobile devices. The website provides information about the type of mobile phone, imei-code, type of remuneration and return to the person lucky enough to find a lost phone if it is off, could contact the owner for its return.