If the phone does not emit signals for a long period of time, if we, having lost our legs in search find that phone disappeared, the first thought that comes to mind is the horror, how will we live without their phone?

Loss or theft of the phone is a really serious problem. We are lost and nervous, and imagine all sorts of difficulties in the future due to the lack of basic communication. However, if trouble has happened with us, need a cool head to figure out how to go with smaller losses from this situation. After all, with all its importance and the need for a phone is just a material thing, not a living creature we have lost, perhaps, forever.

How to find a lost phone, if we have already found that connection with the world missing? First, stop panicking, because many start with this. It's human nature. Panic, hysteria and tears will not help you to find your lost phone. It is best to gather your thoughts and start to act immediately.

Secondly, having found loss, you need to strain your memory and the memory in such moments, as a rule, puts us on a platter all incremental events happened to us in the last, say, few hours. And remember: where, when, with whom and under what circumstances we were in, have you used a telephone, or who has your phone to forget. Restoring in memory the course of events, you will not just calm the soul, but also will have a chance to find your lost phone.

The loss of the phone, whether expensive model, which is simply humanly it is a pity or a simple model, what you were about to upgrade, is associated directly with the SIM card, with memory, with the information that was contained in your phone. How to find a lost phone, if you value, say, not the model itself, and the content – contacts, photos, videos?

Worth a try to call from another phone to your phone or send SMS message. Well, if there is a connection and you replied. Offer a reward for the person who finds your phone and explain the situation. It is likely that the phone found a decent man, willing to give you it. Worse, if there is no connection.

Chances to find your lost phone with this outcome becomes less, because the phone could easily take the battery. In this case, you will have to strain and go through all the places in which you stayed where you were. That is, to run without delay, where, perhaps, the loss will be found. If you discover the phone has failed, you can contact the lost and found.

Today, there are many accessories in the form of various charms which crepes the phone, respond to a certain signal. The signal may be a whistle, voice, cotton or any other sort of sound. Such additional anti-theft and modern pieces of excellent help to detect the loss in the first moments.

If attempts to find the phone yourself have not yielded results, but at the same time you care about either as valuable or as important infortunately, you should contact the police. They have their ways of finding. Of course, this is unlikely to happen soon as such statements are too much.

If you have exhausted all of my techniques for finding and did not know how to find a lost phone, lock the SIM card that was in your phone and make a duplicate so you have kept your same phone number.