You will need
  • - documents on the cell phone;
  • - IMEI
In order to obtain information about the location of phone the other person directly from the operator, you can connect a special paid service. For example, MegaFon offers a service called "Watch" and a similar service MTS is called "Search". The feature of this service is that to mount it you need to (once) the consent of the subscriber. As soon as he confirms that they consent to the transfer of data about his location you can at any time by sending a request to the operator to know immediately where the phone you are interested in person.
If you want to know the location of your own phone, which you stole, to obtain such information from the operator required a request from the police. So, if you stole the phone, you gathered all your receipts and documents are sent to the police Department, located in the area where you lost him. There you write the statement for theft, in which in detail describe your phone IMEI and point. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique pyatnadcatiletnij number of your phone, which should be written on the box. It is for the IMEI of your phone you can find, because, whatever the SIM card was not in the office, he always sends to the network its IMEI. Further, the authorities themselves submit a request to the operator, and then get information on the whereabouts of the phone.
In fairness it should be noted that the police are not always direct requests to the operators, and they, in turn, may not provide the information even in response to directed requests. One can only hope that with time the situation will improve. In addition, the police will never send a request to the operator if your phone is just lost, not lost it as a result of theft or other criminal acts.