Apple iPhone took care of owners of their devices, allowing them to track their location through the system of geolocation. This requires that the phone has been enabled "Find my iPhone". To make a request through the website entering there in a special window your Apple ID and password.
But if the search function fйфона was disabled, or the phone is not tracked by the system, it remains nothing how to try to find the iPhone IMEI.
If your phone was stolen you can contact the police and write a statement about the incident stating the place, time and conditions of crime.
To appeal to law enforcement agencies you will need a passport, the document on the iPhone (in particular, its IMEI), a receipt confirming the purchase of the device. The police will make a request in the cellular company and will be able to know what sm card has been inserted after you to your iPhone and where (which platform) your phone been in contact with the network operator. With this information they will be able to find your device.
Unfortunately, not always the work of employees of internal Affairs bodies crowned with success. Phones in practice rarely are. In this case, find iPhone by IMEI you can try on the different websites providing the opportunity to break through the information on the phone. This can be done by searching the databases was found IMEI of iPhones, which are network users. For example, on the website you can add the IMEI of a lost or stolen iPhone and to specify what reward you are willing to pay the finder. Perhaps in this way you will be able to find your phone.
Find iPhone by IMEI offers the group the social network Vkontakte Its creators claim that for a small fee they can help to know the SIM card number (not phone number and the code) which is to contact the police to find the owner (and if you have friends in the salon, by the operator). Neither negative nor positive feedback on the work of this company is not, and because the request for this service with a request to find iPhone by IMEI can only be done at your own risk.