You will need
  • - box from the cell phone;
  • documents from cell phone;
  • - a statement to the police.
To return the stolen phone quickly we must act immediately. Many are advised to immediately block the phone number that the attacker does not "uttered" by a decent amount you have to pay. But it is better to refrain from blocking numbers, as if the thief will call you on it, this will reveal someone called, it will call for questioning and very quickly you will find the person who stole the phone. But often it happens that the simcard immediately throw away, then you need to take the opportunity to return the stolen phone ID.
Try to return the stolen phone IMEI. Is an international Mobile Equipment identity assigned to every mobile unit. Prescribed IMEI factory and are entered in the "firmware" of the phone. To read the ID under the battery on the phone, on the box, which was sold a phone and the warranty card. Even know the IMEI you can. Please, dial *#06#, the screen shows the number.
To recover a stolen phone by IMEI, immediately after the incident, come to the police station and write a statement. Specify all the details of how it happened. Write the statement of the IMEI of the phone. Bring the photos and documents from the device. You may be asked to bring a printout of calls in the last day, take it in the nearest office of your service provider. And that's all. It remains to wait. The police'll take your reference of INEI in the database and check if anyone called from your cell phone. If the stolen phone is there, will let you know.