Find phone via IMEI is possible only in case, if you know this 15-digit code. Of course, it is better to write it down or even remember. Usually the number is specified on the package to the mobile phone, and can also be designated on the reverse side of the back cover. In addition, to know the IMEI by typing on the keyboard of the phone is the combination *#06#.
To find the phone by IMEI for free, you can write a statement to the police if your device was stolen. Special software and equipment available only to law enforcement officers. In addition, you can contact the showrooms or the offices of mobile communication, for example, if you just lost a cell phone. Enough to provide IMEI number of your device, and employees of the company will check which calls and other operations took place in the recent period via phone. This will help to calculate a person, who at the moment can be your device.
If you don't remember your IMEI, you can contact the offices of mobile communications with a request to check the last transaction on your SIM card. There is a possibility that possession of the phone people will use it without changing the SIM card, and it will help to establish his identity.
Find phone via IMEI for free using the Internet. Use the search engines to find the websites that contain "black lists" of stolen phones. Some of the new owners of the b/u device can determine that the phone is stolen, so they put its IMEI in the network. Search for your IMEI, you can try to learn about his fate.