Find iPhone if it is off, will help service from the manufacturer iCloud. To search, you must enable geolocation on your phone and install Find my iPhone.
If you lost the phone, but he is dead or has been turned off, you can go to the website or "Find my iPhone" from another device from Apple. There need to enter your ID and password. After you make the system correct data, you will be able to track the current position of your gadget. If the device is switched off then the map will display the last recorded service determine the location, the position of the device. You can try to look for your phone in this place, it is quite possible that you simply dropped, and the gadget was disconnected.
If you are sure that the iPhone is nearby, you can through iCloud to sue him beep. Even a turned off phone should respond to such a request.
If the smartphone was stolen, but the thief turned it off, you can try using Find my iPhone to send to the device a message with a request to return the phone for a fee. When the iPhone will be enabled even with a different SIM card, it will appear on his screen.
If all the above is to find off the iPhone failed, try to wait for some time, it is possible that the device will be online a little later.
To speed up the search of your phone, you can contact the police with a statement about the theft. You will need to bring your passport, the documents on the phone and the payment receipt. Let police spot stolen and the circumstances in which it happened.
On the same day, a statement by law enforcement will be made a request to the service operators. The results of this treatment will be to find out what SIM card is inserted in the phone.
There is one more opportunity to find off the iPhone. You can add it to the database of lost and stolen phones at special sites. The form requires information about your device's IMEI, fees and contact information. If your gadget fell into the hands of an honest man, he will contact you and return the device. An example of such a website can be
Naturally, find the iPhone, if it's off, it's hard enough even with all the opportunities offered by the company. It can be immediately, so be patient and apply to squeaks effort.