Advice 1: How to find iPhone if it is off

Thanks to the geolocation services to find your lost or stolen iPhone will not be easy. However, it happens that the thief or finder of the phone the person immediately turns off the device. Then the unresolved question about how to find your iPhone if it is off.
How to find iPhone if it is off
Find iPhone if it is off, will help service from the manufacturer iCloud. To search, you must enable geolocation on your phone and install Find my iPhone.
If you lost the phone, but he is dead or has been turned off, you can go to the website or "Find my iPhone" from another device from Apple. There need to enter your ID and password. After you make the system correct data, you will be able to track the current position of your gadget. If the device is switched off then the map will display the last recorded service determine the location, the position of the device. You can try to look for your phone in this place, it is quite possible that you simply dropped, and the gadget was disconnected.
If you are sure that the iPhone is nearby, you can through iCloud to sue him beep. Even a turned off phone should respond to such a request.
If the smartphone was stolen, but the thief turned it off, you can try using Find my iPhone to send to the device a message with a request to return the phone for a fee. When the iPhone will be enabled even with a different SIM card, it will appear on his screen.
If all the above is to find off the iPhone failed, try to wait for some time, it is possible that the device will be online a little later.
To speed up the search of your phone, you can contact the police with a statement about the theft. You will need to bring your passport, the documents on the phone and the payment receipt. Let police spot stolen and the circumstances in which it happened.
On the same day, a statement by law enforcement will be made a request to the service operators. The results of this treatment will be to find out what SIM card is inserted in the phone.
There is one more opportunity to find off the iPhone. You can add it to the database of lost and stolen phones at special sites. The form requires information about your device's IMEI, fees and contact information. If your gadget fell into the hands of an honest man, he will contact you and return the device. An example of such a website can be
Naturally, find the iPhone, if it's off, it's hard enough even with all the opportunities offered by the company. It can be immediately, so be patient and apply to squeaks effort.

Advice 2 : How to find lost iPhone

Most people do not think about the safety of their personal belongings as long as something doesn't happen. This also applies to cell phones. Fortunately, in the latest smartphones such as the iPhone provided the ability to search and lock devices in case of loss.
To be able to return a lost smartphone to its settings must be activated "Find my iPhone". It will make it possible to remotely monitor the location of phone on map. In addition, the device must have Internet access.

If this function was activated, then to find a smartphone, you need to log in to your account on the website Then in the menu that appears, click on "Find my iPhone". The system will ask to re-enter the password of the account. Once you do that, the computer screen will show a map on which are marked the locations of all your devices registered with your Apple ID, including the iPhone.

Clicking on the mark for a smartphone, you will see a menu. With it you can remotely control the phone. You will have the following features:

- Display the iPhone's own messages. It is possible to write the information for the person who took the phone, showing the contacts;

- Remote lock your smartphone. When you activate this feature, the person who finds the phone will not be able to use the phone;

- Turn on for 2 minutes and beeps at full capacity. This function will work even if the phone is put on silent mode. It really can help, if the iPhone is just lost in a deserted area and no one found;

- Detection mode. It only works on devices with iOS 6 or higher;

- Remotely wipe all personal data from your iPhone. This function can be used as a last resort.

This allows you to easily find, to track the movement and regain an iPhone. If the smartphone was stolen, the offender will not be able to use it and be forced to return it.

Advice 3 : How to find a lost iPhone

A variety of smartphones is firmly established in the life of modern people. With the iPhones go to the Internet, in their memory store photos, through a user-friendly interface makes the schedules. Problem is the loss of the gadget, therefore the "lost and found", the question arises how to find a lost iPhone.
 how to find a lost iPhone
To search for the lost iPhone, the manufacturer has provided the smartphone with a special feature. To find the phone that was stolen or something is forgotten, it previously had:
- turn on ICloud;
- download from the AppStore for the program "Find my Iphone";
- enable the appropriate option.
If you notice the loss of your phone, then if enabled, the "Find my iPhone" you can go to the website enter your apple ID and password that were registered when the device is activated. If you find a lost iPhone even included with the other simkarty, you can see on the map the location of your device.
If the phone was running iOS 7, it was possible to establish not only the function of location tracking, but the ban on its shutdown, removal of data from the device, re-activation. To implement these steps, the device should request the Apple ID and password. So your lost or stolen iPhone, you will not only find, but also not to allow to use to other persons. You can also send the finder a phone message through ICloud with data on how to contact you.
If you find a missing phone, you can also call to your room. It is possible that it still has not managed to find, and returning to the proposed location is lost, you find your gadget on call. If your mobile was stolen, but the thief managed to disable it, you can also try to agree on a meeting place and the amount of remuneration.
If the above methods do not help you find your lost iPhone, then you can write a statement to the police. To do this only if you are sure that you do not dropped the device and it was stolen out of your pocket or bag.
To appeal to law enforcement agencies you will need your passport, phone IMEI, check, your proof of purchase. You will also need to inform in writing the application, the time and place of the theft, as well as other details of the incident.
If you don't know how to find a lost iPhone, then you should not apply to suspicious of firms that promise to do it for you. Other ways to determine the location of the lost smartphone other than described above, there is, but because you are just wasting your time and money.
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