To do this you need to install on your mobile phone the app is able to remotely determine the coordinates. And if the phone is GPS-module, which is built into many modern devices, blocked and removed personal data.
Programs set anti-theft for mobile devices can determine the location of the phone. After sending SMS from any number ("#wipe#your code to" where "your code" is the password you entered when you registered the program) in response comes a message with the coordinates of the location of the missing mobile phone.
It is possible to remotely control the phone via command via SMS text message: #LOCK#your code. In this case, the blocking of the lost mobile device, to unlock which you will need.
When you enter SMS "#LOCATE#Vasco" delete any personal information that is on the cell phone and the memory card.
In the case of the sudden disappearance of the mobile phone to determine its location can be assigned to the IMEI number that every mobile phone, and identificireba in the network. This method provides the ability to set not only the coordinates of the cell phone number of SIM card installed in it, but the numbers of outgoing and incoming calls. Really offer this service only to the mobile operators after the application of the owner the police and the presence of packing from the phone with a check.
To define your own IMEI number, typed in the key combination *#06# or this number can be printed on the package of the phone.
To track the location of a device using a special service that determines the level of signal from phone to the nearest base station operator. This service provides mobile operators.
The accuracy of the method depends on where the base station and what is the distance between them. Installation of coordinates is only possible when the device is switched on.