The first thing you will need to call your phone number. Even if you are one hundred percent sure that the phone is stolen, it still will help you. Maybe he's just lying somewhere nearby, maybe your phone has found the kindness of strangers and want to return, or maybe you just left it in the shop or cafe.

Also find out whether any of your loved ones are apps that allow you to track your movement. For example, parents or significant other. Many programs allow you to specify exact coordinates. Find a phone in this case is much simpler.

Gather all the information that will help to prove that this is your phone. This can be a warranty card and other documentation issued to you after purchase.

Report the stolen phone to the police. It is enough just to make a statement. Well, if you already will approximate coordinates and you will know the IMEI.

If you can not find the stolen phone, contact your mobile operator to block the account and restore the SIM card. Remember that the lock will not allow the operator to communicate with the phone.

IPhone owners

Owners of iPhone and smartphones with Android OS (Samsung, HTC, etc.) are lucky because they are much easier to find a stolen phone. In some models you can't even replace the SIM card

If you have a stolen iPhone, go to your account on iCloud using a computer or other Apple device. Click on "Find my iPhone" (for owners of the English version: "Find My iPhone") with a picture of the radar.

Then in the resulting window click on the information icon. It is located on the black panel location is found. After that you will be able to lock the phone, wipe it, send a message or simply play the melody.

If you managed to find the coordinates yourself, do not attempt to take their own phone. So you can avoid hassles and unnecessary litigation.

If you were able to find your phone while it is in an unknown place, it is better to block. This fact completely eliminates the chance that your iPhone was picked up by friends or relatives. If the phone does not lock, the thief can simply turn off the location feature.

Owners Of Android

Android owners have only one advantage over the owners of ordinary mobile phones – package of special applications. Such programs are developed specifically in order to locate the phone in case of theft.

The advantage is that the data from the owning account, you can install the application from another device. Go to the Play Market, go to your account and select the desired application. Then, allow access, and then click install. If you manage to do everything correctly, Gmail will come the necessary coordinates.